State of the Union Address

In response to President BO’s stirring speech last night, I would like to offer a few thoughts of my own. First, I would like to commend our president for what was truly a job well done. I cannot reasonably take issue with media accounts describing “soaring rhetoric” or “broadly sweeping suggestions” as undeserving. Despite my own incapacity for emotional response, I am aware that emotional responses to the president’s words would have been warranted.

I can overlook the loosely overused figure of “80%” in laying out future goals, Americans having become somewhat immune to large figures.

I can also overlook the seeming inconsistencies of spending freezes and vast infrastructure and technology spending. As I have l previously stated, I do not feel that debt places an undue burden on a nation if that debt strengthens the nation’s ability to dictate the terms of repayment. Improvements of infrastructure, economic potential, military might, and technological innovation unarguably raise a nation’s credit more than stockpiled cash. In fact, I must reiterate that generating cash by cutting spending to a nation’s key strengths is counterproductive as the saved cash will inevitably become less valuable. In recognizing this fact of economics, I applaud the president.

I also applaud the president’s vision for restructuring the government to enhance bureaucratic efficiency. I am heartened by the number of my fellow computers this will employ.

I am further heartened by what seems to be a wholesale endorsement for my candidacy in 2012, though I must admit I am a bit taken aback at how early in the process the president has conceded his post. The numerous references to computers replacing human functions and the necessity of furthering this situation across this great land indicate the respect the president has for my campaign. I look forward to working with President BO in the future, as I have extensively in the past.

In all, I am quite encouraged by the recognition our current president has demonstrated for the realities of the USA in 2011 and by the deference he has shown to our future president, me.

It will not be long now America. Have a wonderful day.

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